Endocrine treatments for transsexual * persons: detailed personal expertise

Endocrine treatments for transsexual * persons: detailed personal expertise

Adjusted out of: Gardner, Ivy and you may Safer, Joshua D. 2013 Progress on the path to most readily useful medical care to have transgender patients. Most recent Opinion inside the Endocrinology, All forms of diabetes and you can Carrying excess fat 20(6): 553-558.

Male-to-lady transsex- uals inform you intercourse-atypical hypothalamus activation when smell odorous steroids

  • So you’re able to raise transgender individuals’ accessibility medical care, the brand new approach to transgender treatments must www.datingranking.net/interracial-cupid-review/ be general and you may accessible in order to physicians when you look at the numerous areas.
  • An useful target having hormonal medication to have transgender boys (FTM) is always to boost testosterone levels towards the regular men physiological variety (300–1000 ng/dl) of the giving testosterone.
  • A practical target for hormone therapy for transgender women (MTF) is to decrease testosterone levels to the normal female range (30–100 ng/dl) without supra- physiological levels of estradiol (<200 pg/ml) by administering an antiandrogen and estrogen.
  • Transgender teens will often have stable sex identities and can be provided with GnRH analogs so you’re able to inhibits adolescence until they are able to just do it with hormone cures around years 16.

Male-to-female transsex- uals let you know sex-atypical hypothalamus activation whenever smell odorous steroid drugs

  • Testosterone undecanoate* 160–240mg/go out

Male-to-ladies transsex- uals tell you sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when smelling odorous steroids

  • Testosterone enanthate otherwise cypionate 50–200mg/times otherwise one hundred–200mg/two weeks
  • Testosterone undecanoate a thousand mg/several days

Male-to-ladies transsex- uals inform you sex-atypical hypothalamus activation whenever smelling odorous steroids

  • Testosterone 1% solution 2.5 – 10 g/date
  • Testosterone plot dos.5 – seven.5 milligrams/go out


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